The Gym Lake Highlands is a unique fitness experience that provides much more than a work out.
We believe that your experience here will improve your overall well-being and ultimately change your life through diet, exercise and fun.
We’re our own little community that pushes one another, encourages one another and helps each other.

We want you to be part of it.

I love how it feels like a family. You know mostly everyone. If you see someone you don’t know it is so easy to just introduce yourself and get to know them before the class is over. I have lots of friends here that I know have my back and would do anything for me… just like I would do for them! There are 3 “box gyms” closer to me, but I travel to come to MY gym.

— Shane W.

I love this community.  Chances are you have at least one thing, other than The Gym Lake Highlands, in common with everyone.  The people are competitive, yet supportive.  The members care.

— August C.

I am much fitter and more confident in my physical abilities, and that allows me to try new activities and set a great example for my family. Additionally, the level of fitness I have achieved due to CrossFit & diet changes has allowed me (under doctor’s supervision) to discontinue the use of daily migraine preventative medications for the first time in over 15 years.

— Dan W.

What I really like about The Gym Lake Highlands is the coaches for sure. They know when to push you, but they are also aware of when you need to focus on form so you don’t hurt yourself.

— Tommy D.

I have never been the most athletic person, and never liked working out, but after my first CrossFit workout I was hooked. It has given me a confidence and strength that I never had before. As an orchestral musician, it has helped tremendously with my back and shoulder pain that I would sometimes get from long rehearsals. I continue to surprise myself doing things I never thought I would be able to do. And, of course, I wouldn’t love going to the gym so much if it weren’t for this great community and awesome coaches.

– Mariana C.

I joined The Gym this past January during one of the darker moments in my life. At the very least I was going through a depression. Through CrossFit I found that working on my physical health had strong ties to my mental and emotional health. Some six months later I am doing well and very grateful for the coaches and community at our Gym.

– John B.