The Gym Lake Highlands – 3-Running/Rowing

How to set up your monitor for today’s rowing workout:

A quick look at today’s rowing workout:

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Warm up for at least 10:00 prior to either workout. Include around 5:00 of the exercise you’ll be doing (running or rowing) at an easy pace. Then get in at least 5:00 of your favorite calistenicts and/or stretches i.e. air squats, V-rolls, superman, Mt climbers, side lunges, jumping jacks, leg swings, etc.

Workout – HOME

Metcon (Distance)

Running workout

:30 run/:90 walk x 10

Score is total distance
Run hard for 30 seconds then walk at an easy pace for 90 seconds. See how far you can go. Use your GPS watch or phone to track your distance.

Metcon (Distance)

Rowing workout

:30 on/ :90 off x10

Score is total meters
Row as hard as you can for 30 seconds then rest for 90 seconds. Repeat for 10 toal rounds.