What Is Crossfit?

CrossFit combines core conditioning, weights, fitness and body weight exercises in short, intense workouts to generate more results in less time. The hour long classes are led by a certified coach and feature multiple movements intended to get the most out of every class participant. The results are better overall strength, increased energy, weight loss and a boost in overall confidence and fulfillment

The CrossFit program can be scaled for each participant.  Depending upon your fitness level it is a program that can be tailored specifically to you and supervised by a certified coach. By limiting class sizes, each participant gets personalized attention and motivation from the coach to help them set fitness goals and reach their potential but also to understand their limitations so that they don’t overextend themselves. CrossFit is offered 6 days a week in a safe, fun and supportive atmosphere. You can view our class times on our schedule.

Join in the Fun

If you are interested in trying a class, click the View Schedule button below and pick a class time that works for you. Remember to arrive a little early so that you have time to fill out a waiver.

What Is Fitness?

Fitness is a high energy class that blends fast-paced fitness workouts with bodyweight exercises and light weightlifting.  Each class is approximately 60 minutes long and focuses on a primary fitness skill, such as running and/or rowing, mixed with functional bodyweight or light weightlifting movements typically in an interval format. The result is an intense, effective fitness workout that develops core strength in a short amount of time.

The program will focus on a holistic view of fitness including exercise, diet and mobility. The low coach-to-participant ratio and check-ins/reminders are designed to hold participants accountable and keep them on-track to reach their fitness goals.

Fitness is offered 5 days a week and classes are approximately one hour long. You can view our class times on our schedule.


What Is Total Body?

As the name implies, the Total Body program focuses on your entire body. This program is for people who need or want a more individualized approach to fitness. With the Total Body program you’ll get:

  • Workouts designed to meet your needs

  • Instruction on how to perform the exercises correctly

  • Highly personalized interaction with your coach

Total Body works for a variety of people: beginners just starting out; individuals getting back into fitness after an extended time off; or, athletes working their way back from injury. This program is also perfect for ongoing specialized training (powerlifting, olympic lifting, triathlon, golf, running, etc). Lastly, Total Body is especially helpful for those looking for an onramp for our CrossFit or Fitness classes.

Total Body is highly personalized. Schedule is created specifically for each athlete. Contact us for a free consultation.

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