1-CrossFit – Mon, Jan 30


Due to inclement weather we will be closed for our morning am classes. As of now we hope to resume our midday and afternoon classes. Be sure to check wodify and social media for updates.

The Gym Lake Highlands – 1-CrossFit

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A. General

2min Row or Bike @increasing intensity

B. Mobility

PVC shoulder dislocate

10-12 Repetitions


-As close as you can while maintaining lock out and retraction in the scap

C. Specific

—- (Third pull drills)

– Tall muscle snatch

– Tall power snatch (pause in full ext, arms in high pull, heel elevated)

— (Second pull drills)

– Tall vertical jump

– Hang into vertical jump (no arm movement)

– Low hang into vertical jump

– Tempo Power snatch


A: Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

3 x

AMRAP 6 minutes

5 Power Snatch @70%

20/18 Cal Row

Rest 2 minutes between each AMRAP
TC: 22 min

Score: Total Rounds and Reps

Scaling Options

Level 1

5 Power Snatch @6-7/RPE

15/12 Cal Row


Extra Accessory

Core Stability (Weight)

Turkish Get up @moderate

4 x 3/3