1-CrossFit – Thu, Dec 29

The Gym Lake Highlands – 1-CrossFit

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Warmup (Checkmark)

A. General

1min Easy Row

30sec rotating scorpions

1min Moderate Row

30sec Side lunges

1 min Hard Row

B. Specific

3 sets

8 Wide stance banded good mornings

8 Russian kb swings

3 Sumo deadlifts @ascending


A: Sumo Deadlift (Max Effort Sumo Deadlift

Build to a heavy double, no fails)

TC: 12 min

Score: Weight

Scaling Options

Level 1


2 Sumo Deadlifts @ ascending


B: Metcon (4 Rounds for reps)

“CrossFit Baseball”

9 rounds

:20 on/:10 off

Base 1:

Goblet Squat @70/53

Base 2:

DB Floor Press @2×50/35lbs

Base 3:

Max Jumping Lunges

Home plate:

Max rep Burpees

KG: 22.5/15 KG
TC: 18 min

Score: Track total reps for each base, score is Total Reps

Scaling Options

Level 1

Max Goblet Squat @16/8

Max DB Floor Press @2×25/15lbs

Max Split Squats (Switch Sides Each Round)

Max rep Burpees

Level 2

Max Goblet Squat @24/16

Max DB Floor Press @2×35/25lbs

Max Jumping Lunges

Max rep Burpees