2-PWRHR – Fri, Jan 27

The Gym Lake Highlands – 2-PWRHR

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Warmup (Checkmark)

20 Cal row/bike

2 sets

10 band pull apart

6 Yoga Push ups

5-5 world’s greatest stretch


Metcon (Checkmark)


Buy In:200m Farmer’s Carry (53/35)

2min per station:

– Max Renegade Rows (with push up) (50/35)

– Max DB Walking lunges

– Max Plank

Cash Out: 400m run

Then go back to the beginning
*Every round will begin with athletes doing a 200m KB Farmers Carry and end with a 400m run.


Accessory (2 Rounds for reps)

2 rounds

max unbroken Strict HSPU

max unbroken Ring Rows

max unbroken push-ups

max unbroken Strict Pull-ups

rest as needed