2-PWRHR – Wed, Mar 1

The Gym Lake Highlands – 2-PWRHR

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3 Rounds:

1k Bike

10 Yoga Push ups

10 Bootstrappers


EMOM x 8mins

Min 1: 5 Right Leg DB Suitcase Split Squats

Min 2: 5 Left Leg Db Suitcase Split Squats

*Goal: HeavierDB weights for these than last week


Alphabet Soup (5 Rounds for time)

5 Sets:
A. 12 Alt DB Snatch from floor (50/35)
B. 12 Burpees
C. 20 Cal Bike
D. 16 Wallballs (20/14)
E. 16 Single Arm DB Rack Walking Lunges (change arms halfway through)
Rest 3mins between sets
Set 1: ABCDE
Set 2: EDCBA
Set 3: CDEAB
Set 4: BAEDC
Set 5: DBAEC
*Goal: How close can you make your times on all 5 sets to one another?


3 Sets:

20 Death Marches (Heavy)

20 Goblet Cyclist Squats