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Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

Partner WOD

Whilst one Cardios the other Works

Partners Alt. Cardios

:30 rest between 1:00

3:00 rest after Partners complete set 1


1:00 CalRow/Box Jump Overs

1:00 Cal Bike/Med Ball Clean

1:00 DU/8 Pushup-8 Pullup cont. for entire min

1:00 200m run (20 Cal)/SDHP


1:00 CalRow/Wall Ball 20/14

1:00 Cal Bike/KB 53/36

1:00 DU/Burpee

1:00 200m Run (20 Cal)/Hang Pwr Clean

**Athletes will work through each set twice, alternating cardios.

Partner 1 will complete 1min Cal Row then go to Med Ball Clean then go to DU then go to SDHP then back to top and complete the Box Jump then Cal Bike then to Alt 8 Push/pull for 1:00 then to 200M run